Thursday, October 25, 2012


RIP Dear Keurig

Yesterday,I went into the kitchen to make myself a second cup of coffee only to find that the water from the reservoir of my keurig was all over the counter and the "descale" light was on. I had no idea what this meant, all I knew was I couldn't have a second cup ! I looked it up online and found the instructions for descaling. I attempted the descaling several times until finally we called customer service for help. They of course were no help because the first thing they asked was "when was the last time you descaled it ?" the answer of course was "never". So needless to say they said it is done and we need to buy a new one. You see the nice little instruction book says that it should be descaled every 3-6 months, well 3 years later.....So needless to say it might be a good idea to actually read the directions next time.

I don't know if its the psych degree or the preachers wife in me but this "descaling" issue got me thinking about my own need for descaling. The reason the machine needs to be descaled is because of hard water build up inside the machine that has left some nastiness on the heating element that I would prefer not to think about and thus needs to be cleaned. So I got to thinking about my own hard water build up or my hard heart build up. The last year has been a tough one for us, my husband resigned from his church and we moved twice. I had a lot of bitterness about the situation, I stopped going to the church we were serving at until our last sunday, I stopped reading my Bible, I stopped praying and the "scales" built up. I took out my anger and bitterness on my family and was miserable. We had to figure out what to do, we were about to be homeless and everything fell together and we moved to Nashville for a few months and during that time the descaling process began. We attended a great church, my husband started seeking advice and counsel from the pastor of that church and I was back in the word and was slowly losing my bitterness. By the time may came we were basically tired of being "pew sitters" and wanted to get back into church work so chris started sending out his resume again. When he got his first response and I was scared to death of moving again I finally started praying again. When you truly talk to God, not just a quick thank you for this meal prayer, there is a peace and a comfort you feel through your entire body. It is amazing how something simple as praying can take those scales away. It was during the time that I stopped praying and stopped reading the Bible that they started building up (coincidence ? I think not). Now a few months later we are in Newcastle Wyoming and excited about this new adventure. It only took a couple of months for those scales to build up and I am so thankful that they are pretty much gone. I miss Tennessee but missing people and places is a whole lot different then being bitter and hard hearted. I still have a few scales left that need to go but I am working on it. My poor keurig has no hope and because it wasn't descaled is now in the garbage can outside. If you are reading this and need a little descaling it isn't too late, you have hope through the Lord Jesus Christ. We don't know where he may lead us, what obstacles he may throw in our paths but if we trust in him then we know he will be there and help us through it.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him, And HE shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

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